Business with a strong family focus

Paul Flynn Construction Ltd was established in 1979 and remains to this day a business with a strong family focus.

The belief upheld within the company sees the importance of meeting the clients’ needs in an honest and professional manner thus upholding a proven track record as a high quality builder nationally.

Paul Flynn Construction has shown great diversity over the years to branch out into the educational redevelopment market together with the Civil Engineering sector and has also expanded into different sectors of construction.

We ensure that the highest quality standards are obtained, budgets are met and projects are delivered in accordance with the construction programme and has also expanded into different sectors of construction such as office and commercial developments as well as heritage works.

Top: Paul Flynn Junior, Anne Flynn, Tara Flynn and Mark Flynn (Director, Paul Flynn Construction). Bottom: Paul Flynn Snr, Tara Flynn and John Flynn (Director, Paul Flynn Construction)

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We found Paul Flynn Construction Ltd. to be very reasonable & diligent on site, attending to any issues which we raised in a committed manner and with the best interests of the school at all times. They were courteous and well-aware of the live-occupied nature of the school campus, and the quality of the workmanship was of a high order, resulting in a successful project.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Paul Flynn Construction Ltd. to any similar project

We dealt closely with Paul Flynn Construction Ltd and at all times found them to be professional and reasonable to deal with. They were flexible in their approach and were positive in the contributions they made to the project. The quality of workmanship was high and the client enjoys a facility which is modern, bright and efficient to operate.

Flynn Construction and their team were at all times fair and honest in their dealings with us, and throughout the project showed their commitment to achieving a good result for the client. I wish to confirm that the project was completed within the agreed time and budget, to our full satisfaction and that of our client

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